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Mudsock Youth Soccer

Mudsock Youth Soccer Staff

The Mudsock Youth Soccer League is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board meets the last Monday of each month at the Mudsock Youth Athletics Building at Billericay Park, 12690 Promise Road, Fishers, IN  46038 at 8:00 pm. 

If you are interesting in an open position, please contact the Board President.

Board Members

Board Member

Chip Bradway President
Marc Emenhiser Vice President
Bianca Zaklikowski Secretary
Kevin Ginther Treasurer
Committee Chair MemberPosition
Marc Emenhiser Director of Coaching
Justin BauerleDirector of Communications
Brian BradfordDirector of Marketing
Jeremy Bloomfield Fields Coordinator
Justin Bauerle Website Coordinator
Bianca Zaklikowski Awards & Pictures Coordinator
Erika Barry Uniform Coordinator
Kevin Ginther Equipment Coordinator
Georgi Forman-Emenhiser Scheduling Coordinator
Pro-Tek Photography Pictures (non-voting member)
Marc Emenhiser
Jon Barnes Tournament

League Division Commissioners

 Brian Simpkins (Girls) & Chip Bradway (Boys) Pre-K
Erika Barry (Girls & Boys)Kindergarten
Brian Simpkins (Girls) &   Jeremy Bloomfield (Boys)1st Grade
Justin Burtner (Girls) & Marc Emenheiser (Boys)2nd Grade
Dustin Derbyshire (Girls) & Chris Katzfey (Boys)3rd Grade
 Katie Kaus  (Girls) & Chris Katzfey (Boys)4th Grade
 Katie Kaus (Girls) & Jon Barnes (Boys)5th & 6th Grade
Jon Barnes (Girls & Boys)7th & 8th Grade (coed)


Interested in Volunteering?

You volunteer your time and hard work to attend practices and games, to cheer on our youth, to provide the best opportunity for leadership and growth, and to support other league volunteers and coaches. THANK YOU! The league continues to grow our team of passionate volunteers. Your help gives our players and families a positive experience each season.
The Board of Directors is looking for some committee members to join our staff. If you are interested in the following committees, please contact our Board President at [email protected]

Fields Committee